‘Alakh Gaushala’ – Cattle Shed

With a view to offer shelter to cows and ensure their well-being, Vikram Solar has set up the ‘Alakh Gaushala’ or cattle shed in Bahal, Haryana. The Gaushala not only offers shelter to around 600-800 cows but over the years has also become an integral part of the Bahal community. While, care is taken to ensure the cows are healthy, well-fed and that medicines are administered in case of any diseases or injuries, villagers often visit the Gaushala as a social activity.

A strong believer in animal welfare, at Vikram Solar special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated in a special way. ‘Savamani’, which is a Hindu tradition of celebrating an occasion by distributing sweets among community members is followed differently here. Since the Company believes that the cattle in Gaushala is also a part of the community, it is given a treat of ‘gur’ or jaggery on such occasions.