Capacity building among youth

Industrial Training Institute, Bahal

Vikram Solar has adopted the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Bahal under the Public Private Partnership with Government of India with the objective of upgrading the Institute into a Centre of Excellence. Some of initiatives undertaken to improve ITI, Bahal, include installation of RO water treatment plant for clean drinking water, computer literacy training, campus landscaping support and sports infrastructure.

Employability Training
Vikram Solar is an active employability enabler. The Company’s livelihood generation initiatives revolve around the central idea of “Job mil jaaye, job ke layak ban jayein” which means ensuring the youth are trained to become employable and are successfully employed. The Company partners with various institutes and organizations to provide vocational training to thousands of youth and generate gainful employment opportunities for them. BRCM Skill Development Training Centre at Bahal was inaugurated on 15 May 2017, with the aim to encourage youth to develop their skills through training to boost productivity and employability or self employment/ entrepreneurship. National Council of Vocational Training and Vikram Solar work hand in hand to provide training on catering, lab technology, automobile repair, cellphone/computer repairing, carpentry and other such vocational courses to people in Bahal.