Urmila Chaudhary Dairy Farm

Established using advanced automated technology from Israel, ‘Urmila Chaudhary Dairy Farm’ is home to 100 cows that produce more than 700 litres of milk every day. The state-of-the-art technology aims to create a comfortable natural environment for the cows while allowing efficient milking, appropriate use/ disposal of byproducts and cleanliness of the premises.

The cows are milked efficiently with the help of the Automatic Milking Parlour Unit. A fogger or water sprinkling system has been installed in the shed to keep the temperature moderate for the cows. The shed is equipped with a Hydroponic Green Fodder System that ensures production of maize within a 7-day cycle. This maize makes a nutritious fodder for the cows.

Vikram Solar has also installed 100 kW solar power system to meet the energy requirements of the Dairy Farm.

Urmila Chaudhary dairy farm caters to the dairy requirements of the Company’s ‘Annapurna Mess’, making the process far more sustainable. A dedicated Milk Processing Unit has been set up to produce ghee that is used by the School Mess and the people of the community.

With the cattle strength on a continuous rise, there are plans to produce other quality dairy products such as paneer, butter and buttermilk in the future.