India to be transformed into an energy independent nation by 2047 where green hydrogen will play an active role as an alternate fuel to petroleum & fossil-based products.

To keep pace with global companies, National Hydrogen Mission was announced in Budget Speech of FY 2021-22 to produce the hydrogen from green energy sources. The scheme was announced putting Green Hydrogen at the heart of India’s energy security and climate change.

Business Objectives

To help the Government meet its climate targets and to make India a green hydrogen hub

  • Green H2 policy launched to promote green h2 & ammonia manufacturing plants
  • MNRE drafting a roadmap to use H2 as energy source
  • Plan to mandate fertiliser, petrochemical & steel industry to shit to H2
  • IOC patented 18% blending with CNG technology
  • Launch of National Hydrogen Mission with Rs 1500 Cr allocation
    • Pilots coming up for refuelling stations, gas distribution networks , grey to green h2 projects in refineries
Growth Drivers

Growth Drivers

  • Cost reduction of renewables, electrolysers & fuel cells
  • Increased load factor of solar plants
  • New application areas being identified for usage
Target Sectors

Target Sectors

Industry : Ammonia, Refineries, Steel & Methanol

Transport : Long distance bus & heavy duty trucks

Power : For Inter seasonal storage facility

Key Features

EPC Integrator

  • Solar Power Plant Solar Power Plant
  • Balance of Systems Balance of Systems
  • Installation and Commissioning Installation and Commissioning
  • Operations and maintenance Operations and maintenance

Electrolyzer Manufacturer

  • Plug and Play Electrolyser Plug and Play Electrolyser
  • Assembly of semi-knock down electrolyser kit Assembly of semi-knock down electrolyser kit
  • Component/spare manufacturing to increase margins Component/spare manufacturing to increase margins

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